In the Spotlight: Liv Nut Free


We are honored to have Liv Nut Free for our Spotlight this month!


This is not an ordinary store, and theirs is not an ordinary story. Olivia, the owner of the company, is a remarkable woman whose dedication, perseverance, and creativity has made Liv Nut Free a truly successful business.


We had a chance to talk about her business model, her aspirations and mission, and her commitment to delivering a service that celebrates and serves up safe, delectable nut-free treats and concoctions to spark delicious and special moments for its clientele.


In the Spotlight: Liv Nut Free

What is the Liv Nut Free story?

When I was sixteen months old I had a near death anaphylactic reaction to peanuts. Ever since that day, I knew there was going to be a major change in my diet. Growing up with food allergies is very difficult because finding nut-free baked goods at a bakery is nearly impossible.


In the Spotlight: Liv Nut Free

Soft and chewy brownies, enhanced with chocolate morsels and laced with chocolate drizzle on top!


At the age of sixteen I took my passion for baking and obligatory nut-allergy precaution and created Nada Nut Bakery.


From the day I started my own nut-free bakery, I got hundreds of emails asking if I ship nationwide. Being only a junior in high school at the time, I was determined to find a way to expand my target market and deliver my products nationwide.


Fast forward three years, now at the age of nineteen I have launched my second nut-free baking business called Liv Nut Free which is an online bakery that ships nationwide. 


In the Spotlight: Liv Nut Free


At Liv Nut Free we offer a variety of peanut and tree-nut free baked goods and also DIY baking mixes to make safe treats in the comfort of your own home!


When you started the business, did you recognize how much of a gem your offerings would become for people who are in the same boat?

Yes! When I was younger, food allergies were unheard of. Now one in five people have a food allergy. So many of my customers trust me so much more than the average bakery because they know that I myself cannot eat or touch any nuts.


In the Spotlight: Liv Nut Free

Look at that smile!


Therefore, their child or friend’s baked good from Liv Nut Free is safe for consumption. Knowing I am making a difference in someone’s life who was deprived of something for so long is such an amazing feeling!


Has Liv Nut Free replaced Nada Nut Bakery, or is this a separate endeavor?



In the Spotlight: Liv Nut Free


Liv Nut Free is the online version of Nada Nut Bakery minus the custom cakes and cupcakes.


Could you tell us a bit about what the best part of your baking process is?

The best part of my baking process is how lost I get in it! I literally don’t think of anything while I’m baking, it’s my own little form of meditation!


In the Spotlight: Liv Nut Free

Liv Nut Free’s scrumptious Bakery Box!


We can imagine how complicated the processes could be, taking into consideration the substitutions and the adjustments, making sure taste and flavor aren’t compromised.

Could you tell us more about your business and why you have been so successful in delivering your own brand of service to your clients?

Nut-free baked goods taste exactly like a regular baked goods. None of the ingredients are substituted, we just guarantee that our ingredients are free of nuts. It is not like gluten free where the flour is being compromised.


In the Spotlight: Liv Nut Free

Liv Nut Free’s Easter (seasonal special product) Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods!


Many people often think since our baked goods are nut-free that they must not taste good, but that’s not true. Baking a nut-free baked good is the same as the regular baking process, just without the nuts and risk of cross contamination.


There is a lot of good energy floating around. A customer of yours affirms that they can taste the love and the passion that go into your products…

Every recipe must be your favorite in some way, but what is a particularly special recipe you’ve created recently?

That is so sweet! All of our products are baked from scratch in small batches with real ingredients. I perfect every recipe to make sure it is flavorful, moist and soft.


In the Spotlight: Liv Nut Free

So pretty! Valentine’s Day heat-shaped cookies by Liv Nut Free bakery.


My favorite product of mine is the crumb cake. It’s our number one seller and the best in my opinion.


In the Spotlight: Liv Nut Free

The famous Crumb Cake!


It is moist french vanilla cake, coated with cinnamon crumbs. It is honestly my favorite treat to have with a cup of coffee!


It’s been a pleasure being part of your journey, even if only through printing your custom bags.

Were you always keen on having that format and color scheme, and how important is having your bags as professional branding material for your business?

I love the color teal, I think it is very gender neutral and well liked by everyone. I was going for a very clean, fun and inviting look to my brand.


In the Spotlight: Liv Nut Free


Branding is your everything for a business, it is the art of becoming knowable, likeable and trustable. Getting custom printed bags from Inkable Label Co. allowed me to portray the perfect high-end look I was shooting for.


In the Spotlight: Liv Nut Free


What are the three adjectives that best describe Liv Nut Free, and why those three?

Safe – Anyone who contacts Liv Nut Free or reads my story, knows that our products are always peanut and tree-nut free. Knowing that information as a consumer, puts their mind at such ease knowing that our baked goods are safe.

Flavorful – Every product we offer is filled with so much flavor!

Thoughtful – With every outgoing box, I included a letter from myself. It thanks the customer for ordering from Liv Nut Free and that I put my heart into each order. I am very thoughtful with each order to make sure it tastes perfect and looks perfect. Part of the reason I am like this is because I walk the same walk and know exactly what it is like to be in their shoes, so I want everything to be perfect!


In the Spotlight: Liv Nut Free


Many of our customers are small businesses who’ve had their share of tough challenges. Can you impart some words of wisdom for people who are just starting out with their own endeavors?

Be fearless. You’re going to have haters and many people that don’t believe in you or agree with you. Never be afraid of your age or anything. Live the life you’ve always imagined!


Where else can we find you?

Official Website



Read Liv’s amazing story and mission here.


In the Spotlight: Liv Nut Free


Liv Nut Free is a Peanut and

Tree-Nut Free Online Bakery.



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