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  • Custom foil stamped labels with various adhesive types
  • Printed on the latest digital and offset presses
  • Free layout - Free proofing - Free shipping
  • Custom sizing without incurring die cut fees (up to $350 in value)
  • Command a visual premium with stunning stocks and laminate options
  • Print a total quantity of your foil stamped labels with multiple designs for a low fee



  • BEST PRICING: On standard shape custom foil stamped labels and diecut custom foil stamped labels
  • NO SETUP COSTS: Print your foil stamped label in any size you want without expensive die cut fees.
  • PRIME QUALITY: Vibrant color reproduction, smooth gradients, perfect registration
  • WORKS WITH FOILING: Embossing available with foil stamping for greater impact and more design options. Please contact us for a custom quote.
  • BLIND EMBOSSING OPTION: Create subtle impressions of raised prints without using ink.
  • TRY BEFORE YOU COMMIT: Hard proofs available upon request.
  • SHIPS FREE, NO MINIMUM AMOUNT NEEDED: Get your custom foil stamped labels in 7 – 10  days (includes Production, QC, FedEx shipping).



When you print your custom foil stamped labels with us, you enjoy a truly comprehensive service that saves you hundreds of dollars… And we haven’t even gotten into print cost yet!


Whenever you place a standard order with us, you don’t need to worry about the added shipping cost—NO RUNNING AFTER A MINIMUM AMOUNT TO BE SPENT, NO SURPRISE FEES, ALWAYS SHIPS FREE TO YOUR DOORSTEP.


Enjoy painless *custom label preproduction with your complimentary print consultation and advice, plus manual artwork inspection and free revisions of file errors. WE’LL GIVE YOU THE PUSH THAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED.
*does not include the creation of branding elements such as logos, taglines, official color scheme


We respect and welcome your need to discuss before deciding on the appropriate label spec that will help you produce the results that you are after. LET’S TALK—NO OBLIGATION, NO PRESSURE.


Value-for-money custom foil stamped labels mean you get more results without cutting corners. You won’t need to sacrifice size and orientation just to fit a printer’s specifications. ANY SIZE YOU NEED WE CAN DO IT, WITHOUT THE EXPENSIVE SETUP COSTS.
*Applicable to standard shapes. For custom shapes, please use our CUSTOM ORDER FORM.

THE INKABLE LABEL CO. ADVANTAGE: We don’t charge extra for anything that we feel is essential in creating your custom foil stamped labels, and we rebate any cost that is flexible coming from our production setup strengths. We’ve studied our pricing and service offerings so that we can apply competitive prices to maximize your budget for a greater ROI.

Your products deserve top-of-the-class packaging that conveys style and elegance. Nothing speaks value visually more than tinsel touches to your custom label. Foil stamping develops metallic, ornate custom labels that open unlimited possibilities for your branding concept. Create the perfect custom foil stamped label to make your product’s remarkable story shine by going through our print processes, label materials, and finishes below.

Choose from a variety of our standard pressure-sensitive and self-adhesive paper (coated and uncoated), plastic film (white BOPP), clear PVC, foil (PET and metalized paper options), and kraft label stocks for your unique requirements. When choosing your label stock it’s important to consider the effect this has on your foil stamped design.



Foil stamping is a technique that is applied on top of the standard printing process to add metallic detail to your custom labels. We employ a process that uses a colored foil leaf of choice, a die, and pressure to create a colored metallic impression that is definitely one-of-a-kind. We employ two types: hot foil stamping and cold foil stamping. The process of hot foil stamping involves the application of foil leaf using a heated die and pressure to release the foil onto the label material. Cold foil stamping, on the other hand, transfers foil onto label material using printing plates and a UV curing lamp—this option is a great choice for various types of label materials because cold foil can be applied to temperature-sensitive stock.

Foil stamped labels can appear to be slightly raised, but these do not go through the embossing process. Embossed labels create a far more raised pattern; however this process is often times combined with foil stamping for greater shelf impact. Please contact us for a free consultation if this is your first time ordering your custom foil stamped labels.



Our full range of capabilities and foil stamped label options guarantee best practicability with premium quality while keeping costs low. Our standard press options are Offset and Digital—since we can print labels using many print processes, you can be sure of made-to-measure labels suited exactly to your labeling needs while getting the most quantity for the least amount of money.


  • Choose from a wide variety of stock and foil leaf color options to specify aesthetic and functional custom label aspects based on your unique requirements.
  • Order a total quantity of foil stamped labels with multiple designs for only a small fee.
  • Get your foil stamped labels in the exact size you need, without excessive die cut fees. Die cut fees will only apply to non-standard shapes.
  • Free proofing and free layout on all your custom foil stamped label orders! For design services and assistance in setting up foiling areas on existing artwork, please CONTACT US.



    Apart from ensuring that your foil stamped labels look as good in-store as it did right after printing, we pride ourselves in offering the exact size and shape that you need without needing to follow a set printer’s template. Unlike other label printers, with Inkable Label Co. you can print any size that you want (1”x 1” up to 12” x 18”) and enjoy hassle-free and cost-effective foil stamped label printing, with no additional setup fees.

    Standard shapes:
    * FOR SQUARE AND RECTANGLE LABELS, corners can either be straight or rounded, depending on your custom foil stamped label needs.

Our Label Special FX creates true showstoppers: 100% custom Spot UV labels that Our Label Special FX creates true showstoppers: 100% custom foil stamped labels that realize your own unique creative concepts. Our print expertise is matched by our press capabilities, and this makes us flexible and ready for any type of custom foil stamped label project.

We offer specialty label processes and finishing effects for greater label customization, for custom foil stamped labels that look and perform exactly the way you want them to:

  • special-fx-hot-foil-stampingHot foil stamping
  • special-fx-cold-foil-stampingCold foil stamping
  • special-fx-foil-embossingFoil stamping with
    embossing (foil embossing)
  • special-fx-custom-die-cutsCustom shape foil
    stamped labels (die cut)


Foil stamping is different from foil labels. Foil stamping uses a thin foil sheet and dies to create the metallic imprints onto various label materials while foil labels use a foil material as your base for printing. Click here if you are interested in foil labels.





REVITALIZING OLD LABEL ARTWORK AND EXTENDING SHELF APPEAL: Sometimes, old label artwork doesn’t need an overhaul. Foil stamping certainly changes the look of your labels dramatically, even if using previous artwork. Whether it is to fit a festive ocassion, such as a product re-launch, for advertising season (special occasions promo packaging), trade expos, or when you simply want to make your existing designs look more conspicuous and novel, use foil stamping for dynamic custom labels that increase your products visual premium. Even from afar, your custom foil stamped labels will have a commanding presence, as your labels will be able to attract customers even from afar compared to labels without metallic accents.

DETAIL WORK MEANS LESS IS MORE: With this process, remember that we are playing on the contrast between foiled and unfoiled areas. Don’t take away from your design by foiling too many areas. The best way to see what areas should be foiled is to take note of what parts of the label should be highlighted. Remember that your foil stamped labels already have tons of personality—prioritize what message hierarchy your labels need to deliver and make sure that your foil color choice along with the other printed colors don’t overwhelm your layout. Your text, logo, or images should stand out; having too many colors and using too many design effects can complicate your label design to the point where they are unreadable.

Especially for new artwork, do a hard proof first before committing to the whole press run. You can do similar proofs with different foiled areas on your choice of label material and get the opinion of others before deciding on your final foiled areas.Contact us for a discounted hard proof of your foil stamped labels.


CHECK THE THICKNESS OF YOUR LINE ART. As with any machine, there is a certain tolerance when it comes to creating strong and prominent foil stamped designs. Choose to highlight specific parts of your label artwork to get beautiful metallic accents for a high end look. Just make sure the lines aren’t too thin as anything under 1pt can’t be foiled cleanly. If your existing design has extremely thin lines, shoot us an email and we’ll help revise your label design for free.


Please save your custom foil stamped label artwork as layered .PDF files so that our Prepress Team can properly check and report any issues to you. We can certainly work with .TIFF, .EPS, .PSD, and .AI files as well, but kindly make sure that you go through our FILE PREPARATION CHECKLIST below:

  • Proofread everything for typos and grammatical errors. To keep the integrity of your files, we do not check text.
  • Set all your images, objects, and the file’s color mode to CMYK for digital printing.
  • Add a 3mm bleed to all sides.
  • All raster images recommended 350dpi
  • Minimum line thickness .57pt or 0.2mm
  • We print foil stamped labels to any size. Please double check artwork dimensions before sending to save on proofing time.
  • Do not include printer’s crop marks or registration marks in your PDF export.
  • Outline all fonts.
  • If you use a bleed, make sure your file has the correct bleed settings.


HOW TO SUBMIT ARTWORK FOR FOIL STAMPING: Specify the art elements that need to be foil stamped by using a new artboard separate from the full print design of your custom foil stamped labels. This new artboard must indicate all the areas where the foil would be applied with solid shapes set in 100K (100% Black color). Label this artboard “Foil”. If you need help setting this up, CONTACT US and we’ll help you get started.