• Custom honey labels with adhesive types for glass jars and rigid bottles, clear plastic tubs and tubes, and squeezable bottles
  • Printed on the latest digital and offset presses
  • Free layout - Free proofing - Free shipping
  • Custom sizing without incurring die cut fees (up to $350 in value)
  • Command a visual premium with stunning stocks and laminate options
  • Print a total quantity of your labels with multiple designs for a low fee


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  • BEST PRICING: On standard shape custom honey labels and custom die cut honey labels
  • NO SETUP COSTS: Print your honey label in any size you want without expensive die cut fees.
  • PRIME QUALITY: Vibrant color reproduction, smooth gradients, perfect registration
  • FREE ON ALL ORDERS: Manual inspection by experienced print designers, Inkable Label Co. Prepress Report, free revisions of your custom honey label artwork
  • SPECIAL FX AVAILABLE: Additional foil stamping and embossing available. Please contact us for a custom quote.
  • TRY BEFORE YOU COMMIT: Hard proofs available upon request.
  • SHIPS FREE, NO MINIMUM AMOUNT NEEDED: Get your custom honey labels in 6-8 days (includes Production, QC, FedEx shipping).



Printed on Offset and HP Indigo digital presses, your custom honey labels will have the visual premium of true gradients, inks that don’t run, vibrant colors, and perfect registration.

  • Choose from a collection of standard and signature stocks, with added laminate options to complete the visual premium you prefer.
  • Specialized Label FX available: foil stamping, embossing, debossing, metallic “no label look”, Spot UV



  • Coated and uncoated options increase aesthetic and functional value against wear-and-tear.
  • Order a total quantity of labels with multiple designs for only a small fee.
  • Get your labels in the exact size you need, without excessive die cut fees. Die cut fees will only apply to non-standard shapes.
  • Free proofing and free layout on all your custom honey label orders! For design services, please contact us.

We know that most often you are not only the owner of your business but are also passionate about beekeeping—producing and developing the honey products yourself. Highlighting the importance of custom labels as branding material should represent your love of the art of beekeeping, your mission to care for bees, and the painstaking process that delivers your own unique brand of honey.

Nourishing, delightful, and oh so sweet—make a buzz with custom honey labels that work as hard as you do. Create the perfect custom honey label for your specific products by going through our print processes, label materials and finishes below.


Our full range of capabilities and honey label options guarantee best practicability with premium quality while keeping costs low. Our standard press options are Offset and Digital—since we can print labels using many print processes, you can be sure of made-to-measure labels suited exactly to your labeling needs while getting the most quantity for the least amount of money.


Apart from ensuring that your honey labels look as good on the shelf as it did right after printing, we pride ourselves in offering the exact size and shape that you need without needing to follow a set printer’s template. Unlike other label printers, with Inkable Label Co. you can print any size that you want (1”x 1” up to 12” x 18”) and enjoy hassle-free and cost-effective honey label printing, with no additional setup fees.

Our standard shapes are :
* FOR SQUARE AND RECTANGLE CLEAR LABELS, corners can either be straight or rounded, depending on your custom foil label needs.


With honey being a versatile and nourishing food product on its own, we have seen our customers also acknowledge this as a powerhouse ingredient in cosmetic and bath and beauty products. We promise to match this versatility with our own selection of durable and food safe labels to make sure that whether in the kitchen, the bathroom, or inside a purse, your own custom honey labels stay put and look good all the time.

We understand how important it is to differentiate and process the unique requirements of custom labels that will perform well for raw honey products, honey lip balms, pollen products, honey skin cream, honey soap, granulated honey, honey bottle or jar labels, as nutritional information labels, national flag labels and advice labels, or having your own matching tamper-proof honey labels.

Choose from a variety of our standard pressure-sensitive and self-adhesive paper (coated and uncoated), plastic film (white BOPP), clear PVC, foil (PET and metalized paper options), and kraft label stocks for your unique requirements. When choosing your label stock it’s important to consider the regular use and environment of your products.


White plastic film stock is our recommended material for most honey label applications. This covers all kinds of honey products—whether on shelf, in the shower, in purses–this material will stand up to abuse. Extremely durable and flexible, these self-adhesive labels come in a beautiful pearlescent milky white with high opacity and shine, developing vibrant prints, with high contrast. This is especially valuable for curved surfaces such as honey jars, or cosmetic tubes and tubs. This stock is tear-proof and impervious to water and oil. Add laminate to give prints more resistance to friction and constant handling.

This is our only recommended stock for squeezable honey bottles. Other stocks with a plastic base can work if your labels aren’t going to be wraparound labels. Separate front and back honey label panels won’t pull against each other from compression and decompression, but may bubble or wrinkle after a while. If you want a no-fail option, this is the stock for you.

White paper stock is our cost-efficient honey label option since it is the least expensive material that costs less than plastic labels, but have comparable print quality, strength, and durability needed for simple honey packaging applications.

While we do have a white matte uncoated stock, if choosing this option, we strongly advise adding a laminate to make the labels hardy against oil, moisture, and frequent handling. To mimic uncoated paper labels’ finish, add matte laminate for a more satin finish.

Kraft paper stock is another popular choice for natural products. The warmth of its brown color and eco-friendly feel are main visual factors that make this stock a perfect match if you are after a more organic brand image. Our kraft stock has more yellow undertones—if you would like this stock for your custom honey labels, we recommend requesting for samples or a hard proof to verify that the kraft packaging that you have matches our kraft paper or that you are happy with our specific kraft paper.

(x mark) This label stock isn’t going to work well with honey products that will be exposed to moisture and friction (such as honey skin cream, honey lip balms, or products that need refrigeration) as this stock is uncoated and this will pose problems with print longevity. Frequent handling, oil, and water will wear away your kraft honey label, making the paper base crumbly as it deteriorates with use. This stock is recommended for on shelf packaging.

Clear plastic film (PVC) stock is a popular, versatile and stylish choice for, particularly if you want your label to “disappear” on your honey containers. Clear labels will give you that “no label look” or printed-right-on-the-container look which works in synergy with clear honey jars to highlight golden color, clarity/consistency. This label stock is also a cheaper option compared to diecut labels (cookie cutter shape labels) since you would simply need to print white and colored ink on areas that need to be conspicuous—the clear, unprinted label material will blend onto the container, taking after the color of its background, leaving you with any custom shape of whatever has been printed.

Try using this stock for jar top honey labels to create a seamless look on your covers. You can mix it up by using an opaque stock only for labels that require visibility, such as tamper-proof vertical honey label wraps. And if you don’t want to include the best before date on your main label, you can opt to have another label for the bottom of your honey jars.

Foil silver stocks (Silver PET and Silver Metalized Paper) and our Holographic silver stock will capture the attention of your customers, especially since this differentiates strongly from the usual “organic” look and style expected of honey packaging. These specialty stocks will make your honey labels look markedly custom. The foil stocks can be cheaper alternatives to hot or cold foil stamping, if you require metallic-looking prints. Our holographic silver stock has a signature rainbow sheen that is conspicuous enough to capture any customer’s fancy and can work well with creative concepts to give your honey labels a unique shelf appeal. These label materials come with either gloss or matte laminate to further protect your custom honey labels against friction and fading.

To achieve certain effects, using these stocks will require a bit of planning and Prepress work to ensure that the final look matches your concept. Contact us and we’ll help set this up for your order on your label artwork, free of charge.


A laminate is a clear, protective coating that also changes the final finish of your honey labels. Once applied, it creates a smoother label texture and protects the print from wear-and-tear against rubbing or scuffing.

CHOOSE MATTE LAMINATE – For a flat, non-glare label finish, with printed colors that are soft and muted. Generally, colors are duller with less contrast. Matte coating is forgiving with low resolution prints and provides for a refined appearance. If you are writing lot codes or batch numbers for your honey permanent markers are ideal, however ballpoint pens may have minimal smearing depending on its quality.

CHOOSE GLOSS LAMINATE – Gloss makes your labels extremely smooth and allows them to reflect a lot of light, for high shine. This reproduces vibrant color and delivers sharper detail due to higher contrast (shadows are darker and highlights are brighter). This is great for labels with vibrant color palettes, for a more commercial look. Gloss also provides more protection against ink scuffing compared to matte laminate, especially with paper labels.


CHOOSE HOLOGRAPHIC GLOSS – Same as gloss laminate, but with the addition of a transparent color gradient that is only apparent once the surface catches light at different angles. The transparent rainbow effect transforms old honey label artwork into a more stunning piece, with its golden background if you are using clear honey jars. This kind of laminate doesn’t suit all label designs and concepts. We suggest getting a label sample to check if this will enhance your existing label artwork.



Your honey label is a crucial part in telling your story—your passion about honey, the humble bees that work tirelessly to produce it, and your passion for your art and business. While putting together a successful label requires a ton of planning and effort, a put together and robust honey label that captures the essence of your brand secures you the mind and heart share of your patrons. In addition to offering the best label stocks, laminates, finishing options, and adhesives, we understand and appreciate how important it is to stand out against competition.

MULTIPLE ARTWORK: For your various honey products, whether it’s a brand extension or flavor variants, one dedicated label artwork for each honey is crucial in making sure customers correctly identify and appreciate each unique product. With our digital presses, we combine multiple versions of your honey label artwork into a single run if they are the same size and shape, allowing you to print all the honey labels you need, while saving you a significant chunk of your budget. If you don’t have a label design just yet, or only have a working sketch, we’ll be happy to have our design team help you out.

ONE OF NATURE’S BEST TREASURES DESERVE LONG LASTING LABELS: Food products are regularly exposed and subjected to oil, moisture, refrigeration, and frequent handling. One or all may be the case for your honey products, depending on where your customers store the honey and how they use it. Your labels need to hold up to external factors and look good while doing it, for as long as your product is still being enjoyed. Need to see if your chosen material can take the sticky sweetness? Contact us for a free print consultation, and we’ll get everything sorted out for you.

Print label sets for your honey products if you’re constantly changing and improving your recipe. This smart move also works with seasonal offerings. A single wraparound label can be your simplest option, but separate front and back labels do have their advantages. A single label works great if you have a labeling machine for quicker application. Separate labels are advantageous if you keep branding and graphics on the front label and consumer information on the back label—if your honey formulation changes or if you need to update product information, you would only need to modify the back label instead of rearranging the whole layout.


We offer Digital, Offset, and Silkscreen printing, and can accomplish specific print instructions if your honey labels require more elaborate finishing touches, such as hot and cold foiling, embossing, debossing, and Spot UV.

Learn more about our full range of printing capabilities for more complex label finishing.

Contact us for a free print consultation or a custom quote for your specific honey label design or concept.




Add more depth, polished detail, and lustrous elegance to your custom honey labels with foil stamping. This special process uses pressure to transfer metallic foil onto the surface of your paper label stock.

Choose to highlight specific parts of your label artwork, or foil the entire label to get an overall metallic sheen for a high end look. Just make sure the lines aren’t too thin as anything under 1pt can’t be foiled cleanly.

NOTE: Foil stamping is different from our foil labels. Foil stamping does not utilize metallic-looking inks, rather it uses an extremely thin foil sheet and printing plates to create the metallic imprints.

To be able to achieve this, talk to your designer and specify that a new artboard needs to be created. This new artboard must indicate all the areas where foiling should be done, with solid shapes set in 100K (100% Black color). Label this artboard “Foil”. If you need help setting this up, CONTACT US and we’ll help you get started.

This is special label embellishment. Please use our CONTACT US and we’ll help you get started.


Add custom decorative touches for a two-dimensional, premium custom label. A metal die and high pressure are used to create impressions on your label, for depth, texture, and tactile beauty.

For a more involved creative concept, embossing as a final touch increases a custom label’s visual premium for prime labels that outshine competition.

Use embossing for crisp lettering or prominent logos to highlight important visual elements. Just make sure the lines aren’t too thin as anything under 1pt can’t be embossed cleanly.

NOTE: Embossing can be done WITHOUT INK—this is called “Blind Embossing”. This is most commonly done when creating a textured look to the whole label, such as applying patterns and camouflaged borders.

To be able to achieve this, talk to your designer and specify that a new artboard needs to be created. This new artboard must indicate all the areas where embossed effect would be, with solid shapes set in 100K (100% Black color). Label this artboard “Emboss”. If you need help setting this up, CONTACT US and we’ll help you get started.

This is a special label embellishment. Please use our CUSTOM ORDER FORM.

When you print your custom honey labels with us, you enjoy a truly comprehensive service that saves you hundreds of dollars… And we haven’t even gotten into print cost yet!

If you’re a business that needs that extra edge with the very best labels for your products, you’ve come to the right shop.


We do our best to give you as much savings as we can because as a small business ourselves, we know stretching budgets can be tough. Whenever you place a standard order with us, you don’t need to worry about the added shipping cost—NO RUNNING AFTER A MINIMUM AMOUNT TO BE SPENT, NO SURPRISE FEES, ALWAYS SHIPS FREE TO YOUR DOORSTEP.


A professional and effective label starts with design and layout. When you print with us, you enjoy painless *custom label preproduction with your complimentary print consultation and advice, supplemented with complete manual artwork inspection and free revisions of file errors. Our free Prepress Report ensures that your file is the most correct version it can possibly be before we print, to confirm there are no costly errors on the press. WE CAN EVEN DO YOUR CUSTOM LABEL LAYOUT FREE OF CHARGE-JUST SEND US YOUR INSTRUCTIONS AND ART ELEMENTS (TEXT, LOGOS, IMAGES) AND WE’LL GIVE YOU THE PUSH THAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED.
*does not include the creation of branding elements such as logos, taglines, official color scheme


Beyond the fine technical points in digital printing, we get into the nitty-gritty of your label printing projects. We respect and welcome your need to discuss before deciding on the appropriate label product that will help you produce the results that you are after. LET’S TALK—NO OBLIGATION, NO PRESSURE.


Choice, value-for-money custom honey labels mean you get more results without cutting corners, because we know how vital they are in establishing your brand. A label that is 100% custom fits your container perfectly without needing to sacrifice size and orientation just to fit a printer’s specifications. ANY SIZE YOU NEED, WE CAN DO IT, WITHOUT THE EXPENSIVE CUSTOM SETUP COSTS.
*Applicable to standard shapes. For custom shapes, please use our CUSTOM ORDER FORM.

THE INKABLE LABEL CO. ADVANTAGE: We don’t charge extra for anything that we feel is essential in creating your custom labels, and we rebate any cost that is flexible coming from our production setup strengths. We’ve studied our pricing and service offerings so that we can apply competitive prices to maximize your budget for a greater ROI.





FIND THE SWEET SPOT. Before you create your honey label design, it’s best to take your chosen container and finalize where and how you want your labels to be positioned. A made-to-measure label that looks meant for its honey container presents your brand as professional and polished. Doing an approximation that will “just fit in general” especially if you have different SKUs may seem like it will save you money at first, but with digital printing you might even save more since you can do multiple runs without the high setup cost. Your precious honey products deserve memorable labels.

THINK ABOUT LONGEVITY. If you choose uncoated paper, remember that they do not have any protective laminate or coating on them, which means that they are more vulnerable to wear-and-tear. This lends to a shorter life span in terms of fading, ink rubbing off, and labels getting damaged with moisture. If you’d like to keep that uncoated paper finish, apply matte laminate to give it some protection against wear and tear. Remember to store your honey stock labels in a place that is cool and dry, not exposed to sunlight, to keep the labels looking vibrant and in top condition. Clean your container surfaces thoroughly with alcohol to completely remove traces of your honey product to guarantee superior tack.

FINISHING TOUCHES CAN REALLY TRANSFORM A HONEY LABEL DESIGN: Simple prints can look stunning, but if you particularly want to up your label game for shelf appeal, consider finishing touches. This makes all the difference in transforming the final look and feel of your honey labels. Label special FX such as foil stamping and embossing transforms even the most simple honey label into a high-end showstopper.

MANUAL LABEL APPLICATION NEEDS A FORGIVING SIZE. Get the optimum size by correctly measuring your containers. (LINK TO MEASURING CONTAINERS) If you’re applying your honey labels manually, it can get tedious pretty quickly. A trick to make this task more forgiving is to subtract ⅛” from the measurement of the width to add a “gap”. This gives you some leeway so you won’t need to line up the ends perfectly. A ⅛” allowance, when done as a gap for the label height (top to bottom) is also the standard tolerance requirement with automatic label applicators, plus it again gives you room to position your labels comfortably with manual label application.


Please save your custom honey label artwork as layered .PDF files so that our Prepress Team can properly check and report any issues to you. We can certainly work with .TIFF, .EPS, .PSD, and .AI files as well, but kindly make sure that you go through our FILE PREPARATION CHECKLIST below:


  • Proofread everything for typos and grammatical errors. To keep the integrity of your files, we do not check text.
  • Set all your images, objects, and the file’s color mode to CMYK for digital printing.
  • Add a 3mm bleed to all sides.
  • All raster images recommended 350dpi
  • Minimum line thickness .57pt or 0.2mm
  • We print honey labels to any size. Please double check artwork dimensions before sending to save on proofing time.
  • Do not include printer’s crop marks or registration marks in your PDF export.
  • Outline all fonts.
  • If you use a bleed, make sure your file has the correct bleed settings.