In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy


We are truly honored to have Balm Daddy for our Spotlight this month!


From investigation, to experimentation-to the recognition of the creation of something grand-this small business has gained a following due to its novel and impressive lip balm products.


Cody, the owner of the company, has delivered awesome offerings, all the while consistently aligning these tangible products with brand values to help establish Balm Daddy as a brand that celebrates those who push their limits, and always aim to perform with distinction.


In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy

What is the Balm Daddy story?


Balm Daddy was created after a snowboard injury left my face pretty wrecked. I’ve needed lip balm ever since that slam. I first started using generic, drug store lip balms that were mostly artificial ingredients, because they were cheap. Eventually, I transitioned into using brands that were more on the natural side.


In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy

Fresh ingredients, good for your skin! Sexy strawberries are 1/2 of Balm Daddy’s “Sexual Passion” flavor profile.


Each type of lip balm had its pros and cons. The drug store kind was cost effective and had super intense flavors. However, all the ingredients were not the best things for you.


With the natural/organic stuff, you get high quality ingredients that leave you feeling like you’ve done your body good. But these balms lacked flavor and they were definitely not the cheapest thing on your grocery list.


After going back and forth on which to get so many times, I wondered if it was possible to have all the pros of each type of lip balm. After some research I decided to try and make my own. I wanted to make the mythical balm a reality.


In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy


Take all natural ingredients, mix it with powerful and unique flavors, wrap it in a kick ass attitude, and put a price on it that wouldn’t make you say “maybe next time.”


Like many of us, you must have encountered some unexpected challenges along the way…

How hard or easy was it to start your own business?


For me, it was very difficult to get the actual business side of everything started. I kept finding myself approaching it too business minded.


“This isn’t cost effective, this won’t resonate with a certain audience, these flavors are too bizarre.” etc. I was trying to force Balm Daddy into a mold that I didn’t want it to fit in to.


In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy

Always have Balm Daddy on hand.


I was limiting myself creatively, to the point where I couldn’t create the balms I wanted to share with the world. When I set out to start Balm Daddy, I wanted it to be the challenger to all other lip balm companies out there.


I wanted every aspect of Balm Daddy to change your idea of what a lip balm should be.


In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy

The balm that started it all.


I tossed out every previous idea, every comparison to other companies, stopped worrying about how much money would be involved, and reformulated the balm itself until I reached the vision I had from the beginning.


We love how you phrase how hardworking lip balms should be in that they should “handle anything you throw at your lips”.

What kind of impact were you after when you launched Balm Daddy?


Before I started Balm Daddy, I tried just about every other brand out there. They all seemed to have different lip balms for different scenarios. Repairing lip balm, hydrating lip balm, night time lip balm, sport lip balm, take-your-kids-to-school lip balm? You now have a tube in your pocket for every hour of the day.



In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy

One lip balm to rule them all.


The goal was to create the “Grand Daddy” of all lip balms. One that would do it all without compromise. Once that base formula was created, I wanted to come up with some of the most unique flavor options available.


We know all your products are carefully handcrafted.

As a crafter, what’s the best part of the balm making process for you?


I’ve always had this sense of perfectionism. Every single step of the process is significant to me. From pouring the melted balm into the empty tubes, to lining up the labels, even putting them in the shipping containers.


In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy


The challenge of turning something so simple, like a lip balm tube, into a functional piece of art, is definitely a part of the process that stands out to me.


Every tube matters. Every label matters. Every detail matters. I wanted these balms to breathe passion. I wanted to create something that would inspire others to devote themselves to their craft. 


Lip balm has been such a major part of my life so I wanted to put that back into creating the best lip balm on the market.


Could you tell us more about your business and why you have been so successful in delivering your own brand of service to your clients?


Our balms were created by someone who needed it. I don’t apply lip balm to be just an extra step in my daily skin care routine. 


In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy

Balm Daddy’s “Lightning” ? Grape | Lemonade


There is a tube with me at all times because there has to be. When our customers know our story, they know the product will do what it’s supposed to because it has to.


What inspires you most about your work?


Seeing new customers is always exciting and motivating. But when we get repeat customers, that’s when I feel the most inspired.


In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy


Anybody can sell a product one time. But when people come back for more, that’s when you know the product gave them exactly what they needed.


It’s been a pleasure being part of your journey, even if only through printing your custom labels. Your branding and style is excellent; was this aesthetic something you always wanted?

How important is it having your labels as professional branding material for your business?


Presentation value has always been very important to me. I wanted something alluring. Like a tiny work of art that acted as a conversation starter every time you go to apply it. 


In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy

In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy

The goal was to design it so that when the balm was gone, the beholder would have trouble throwing it away.


In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy


I went with Inkable because they have the ability to make things that challenge the standard. I looked at many other label companies but most of them only had options of matte or gloss finish.


When I came across Inkable and seen how many different ways you could make something truly unique, that’s when we knew it would be a perfect fit for Balm Daddy.


In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy


What are the three adjectives that best describe Balm Daddy, and why those three?


Inspirational – Our balms were created to be a subtle reminder to always go after what you want.

Courageous – Making a brand that goes against all other options can be daunting and nerve wrecking!

Uncompromising – When the balm I wanted to make didn’t seem possible and that I would have to settle for something that already existed, I started over.


In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy


Many of our customers are small businesses who’ve had their share of tough challenges.

Can you impart some words of wisdom for people who are just starting out with their own endeavors?


Do not provide a product that you are not fully satisfied with. Experiment as much as you want but in the end, if it’s not perfect, it’s not worth it.


Don’t be afraid to be different! Everyone is looking for something different, they just don’t know it yet.


Make customer service a major priority. A lesson I learned is for every single customer that has a bad experience with your product, you will lose twenty potential customers in the end. If someone is unhappy with your product, do everything you can to make it right.


The best advice of all is this – JUST KEEP GOING.


In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy




Where else can we find you?

Official Website



Read Cody’s remarkable story here.


In the Spotlight: Balm Daddy


Lip balm for the legendary.
All natural and hand crafted in Columbus, Ohio.




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