Why Is Wind Direction For Roll Labels Important?


Wind direction for roll labels? Looking at your custom label spec options, the phrase “wind direction” can be perplexing. People think of the weather rather than custom labels!


Learn what “wind direction” is, why it’s important, and how it affects your custom label project by reading this short yet complete article.


What is Wind Direction For Roll Labels?

Wind direction refers to how we orient your labels when they come off a roll.


The correct pronunciation isn’t like the “wind” in the weather—instead, it is like “wind up a clock.”


When printing roll labels, choosing the wind direction may seem like a trivial detail. However, it is a very significant part of your product label application and packaging fulfillment process.


If you’re using an automatic applicator to put labels on your products, you 100% need to know the correct wind direction for your labels.


Outside and Inside Wound

We can wind your custom labels in rolls dispensing outward or inward.


Outside wind labels have the label on the outside of the roll, whereas inside wind labels have the liner on the outside and the label on the inside.


The labels are only visible when you start unwinding the roll with an inside wind, but they are plainly visible even when we firmly coil the roll with an outside wind.


Orientation Options

We orient custom roll labels to fit your specifications.


Whether it is simple personal preference, or if it is because your label applicator requires it, you can choose to get your printed labels wound to dispense in a specific orientation.


The general wind directions are Right Edge Leading, Left Edge Leading, Head Leading, and Tail Leading.


Your options are doubled as you also have the power to choose if you want labels dispensed from the outside (wound out) or inside (wound in) of the roll.


Why Is Wind Direction For Roll Labels Important?


Right Edge Leading

The right edge of the label is the first to come off the roll.


Left Edge Leading

The left edge is the first to come off.


Head Leading

The top of the label is the first to come off.


Tail Leading

The bottom edge is the first to come off.


Once you’ve determined your wind direction, your design will decide the die you need to choose.


Looking at Artwork to Decide on Wind Direction for Roll Labels

The major design features, for instance, your logo or text on your label’s design, typically determines the wind direction.


A die lets us know the shape and size of your label. A die is essentially a cutter that works to cut out the pattern of your label. Each die is unique, so when choosing one for your custom label, be sure it matches the roll orientation you want as well for smooth application.


When choosing your roll direction, use the artwork as your visual aid. Look at where it makes sense to dispense each label. Consider if your artwork is set to landscape or portrait print, if specific container characteristics make it easier to attach from the top or bottom.


Width, Length, and Wind Direction

Your wind direction regarding your die size is critical since they need to match.


We measure the width of the label roll in inches. The length is the number of times the label is repeated around the roll.


When ordering bespoke labels, the width of the roll is always the first parameter we ask for. Your label length and width determine how we print and finish your roll labels.


Why Is Wind Direction For Roll Labels Important?


Why is Wind Direction for Roll Labels Important?

It is crucial to pick the right winding direction for your labels. This is especially true if you are going to use them with an existing automatic or manual label applicator.


If this is your first time using a label applicator, know that your labels must be removed from the roll and fed into the applicator in a specific position.


If you take a look at your manual, this will specify the required winding direction of your machine. Or, if contract packaging is necessary, you should verify with your provider. Otherwise, you can simply go ahead and apply the labels to your products upside down or in the reverse direction.


It’s advisable to set them up for machine application from the start if you’re adding labels by hand but plan to have them machine-applied in the future.


Still Confused About Wind Direction For Roll Labels?

Contact us if you have any concerns or want more information on winding direction. If you don’t have any artwork yet, hop on to a good system and try a mock design to better appreciate how your labels will look dispensing off a roll.


Enjoy free shipping, custom sizes at no extra cost, and free proofs, revisions, and Prepress assistance when you order your custom roll labels with us. We look forward to helping you decide on the best print specifications to suit your application system.



-Wind Direction For Roll Labels: FAQs-


How do you label wind direction?

We commonly express the direction of the wind in degrees or cardinal (or compass) directions. Hence, a northerly wind has a wind direction of 0° (360°); an easterly wind has a wind direction of 90°, and so on.


What is the direction of labels?

We can orient your label in one of four directions. When the top of the label is the first to come off the roll, this is known as head leading. The bottom edge of the tail leading is the first to come off. The right edge of the label comes off the roll first in the right edge leading.


What is roll direction?

Roll Direction, also known as Unwind Direction, refers to the orientation of your labels when you unwind your roll of labels.


What is label wind?

The label wind is the direction in which we assemble your labels on the roll after we print and trim them to size.