Make Your Products Shine: Increase Sales With Foil Stamped Labels

Foil Stamped Labels can be your game changer.

Do your packaging choices and style communicate the right mood and feeling?


What subtext is communicated by your custom label, custom bag, custom tissue paper design?


Make Your Products Shine: Increase Sales With Foil Stamped Labels

Stunning Gold Foil Stamped Labels


Branding becomes successful when there isn’t a huge disconnect between the value of the branded product and the shopper’s value perception of it when recalling that brand and product. Most especially in the marketplace, people will take things at face value, especially when it comes to impulse buys.


Make Your Products Shine: Increase Sales With Foil Stamped Labels


In “The Psychology of Product Packaging,” Megan Sullivan emphasizes:



We all want to believe that consumers make decisions on products and services strictly based on merit, with the best one winning. In spite of that hope, psychologists and retailers agree that in many cases this just isn’t true. Quality aside, sometimes the flashier, prettier or sexier product wins the day.


So what does this mean for retailers and product manufacturers? What it means is that creating a terrific product is only part of the formula for sales success. Packaging it perfectly, complete with eye-catching graphics and colors, is just as important to your financial success.



This begs the question—what can you do to your custom packaging to create positive shopping experiences?





Make Your Products Shine: Increase Sales With Foil Stamped Labels

Make it sparkle.


Are your custom labels shopper stoppers?


Not everything that gleams is gold, but that’s enough to make everyone stop and take notice. This stretches back to the olden times, when having something shiny equated to having cosmic power, prestige, and elite status. Why?


Shiny objects and shiny details on products “stimulate an irrepressible urge to touch”.


Make Your Products Shine: Increase Sales With Foil Stamped Labels

The gold foil packaging detail makes these look like real treasures.


In his book, “Shiny Objects Marketing: Using Simple Human Instincts to Make Your Brand Irresistible,” David A. LaBonte points out:


“Physical shiny objects have a psychological effect of enticing physical contact…touch is our strongest sense to establish reality… For this reason we are drawn to reach out and touch shiny objects to connect with them and determine their reality.”


Make Your Products Shine: Increase Sales With Foil Stamped Labels

We just love the red and silver foil!


He goes further to directly correlate acquiring reflective things to instant, psychology-driven gratification where “…touching shiny objects is the anticipation of a positive experience with that object…we associate shiny objects with water and subconsciously are drawn to them for survival… When we touch another shiny object, the expectation is fulfilled and the attraction is strengthened.”






Foil stamping is a technique that is applied on top of the standard printing process to add metallic detail to your custom labels. CLICK TO SEE Foil Stamped Labels in Action


Make Your Products Shine: Increase Sales With Foil Stamped Labels

Kingsley Hot foil stamping machine


A sheet of colored foil leaf of any color, a die and pressure, create a colored metallic impression that is definitely one-of-a-kind.


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This can be done to your logo, tagline, important details (website, phone number, etc.), or even as a luxe border or background on both your primary and secondary labels. Custom foil stamped labels are truly premium and remarkable branding tools.


Make Your Products Shine: Increase Sales With Foil Stamped Labels

Stunning matte black labels with gold foil stamping


The resulting embellishment definitely gives that top-of-the-class, elegant, and remarkable fanciful detail that won’t fail to catch the eye of the prospective customer. Polished detail is achieved with lustrous print ornamentation for foil stamped labels.






Foil stamping on labels or custom bags simultaneously enhances how something looks and how something works, in that it increases packaging shelf appeal while conveying the same value to whatever it is that they contain.


Make Your Products Shine: Increase Sales With Foil Stamped Labels

Silver foil stamping catches the light at different angles, for a dramatic and elegant aesthetic


If something is packaged in a premium “garb”, so to speak, that well-dressed product will definitely catch the fancy and gain the approval of prospective customers who look at prime quality as the most important factor in their positive purchases.




Packaging designers use colors, textures, and contrast within their best design practices to create a strong visual impact. An article from the journal describes how researchers used an fMRI machine to measure brain activity while study participants viewed different types of packaging.


Make Your Products Shine: Increase Sales With Foil Stamped Labels


The study mentioned above confirms that when one looks at beautiful packaging, this visual stimulant triggers more intense brain activity than plain or commonplace packaging.



Attractive packaging also increased brain activity in areas associated with rewards (while unattractive packaging caused activity in areas of the brain that processes negative emotions).



Product presentation, regardless of the actual product itself, has a heavy influence on how people feel and think about products, which is directly proportional to buying choices and preferences.


There is no doubt about it—positive relationships occur between a subjective response to packaging presentation and the objective physical parameters of the packaging materials used to create such aesthetic.





Taking stock of everything above, you cannot deny that the visual aesthetics of your custom labels will largely contribute to how a shopper (also, your prospective customer) perceives the physical representation of your product.


These perceived properties and values will set the tone for the interaction on the shopper and will help them quickly associate your product with higher value and quality.


Your carefully constructed brand should create a visual, emotional, and cultural connection between customers and your company, the product or service, and the type of consumer it attracts.


Make Your Products Shine: Increase Sales With Foil Stamped Labels

Consider your customer psychographic.


If you’re looking for something remarkable to increase conversions and sales, custom foil stamped labels are a great ally. While it may be fine and good using regular labels, this addition will set you apart on the shelves stuffed with similar products from different brands.


Investing in foil stamping helps you to truly benefit from using premium packaging as an effective marketing tool, speeding the word about your brand, boosting interest, increasing engagement and word-of-mouth, and ultimately increasing conversions and repeat sales.


Custom foil stamped labels not only makes products more eye-catching, it also increases the desire to touch and covet, which equates to brand awareness and recognition, and if messaging is done right, more sales.


A caveat: We believe that branding isn’t everything: what makes your custom label designs, custom bag design, or custom tissue design work in the long run is the dedication you put into your products and services, from defining your brand values, to your company culture, to speaking about things that you care about through your brand’s voice.


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