In the Spotlight: The Stay Beautiful Foundation


We are honored and delighted to have The Stay Beautiful Foundation for our Spotlight this month!


A truly inspirational and nurturing organization—definitely a remarkable initiative—The Stay Beautiful Foundation works tirelessly to make every woman with cancer feel beautiful inside and out throughout the duration of her hospital stay.


Ashleigh, its founder, is a lovely woman with a big heart; her story and mission inspire courage and strength, through fighting with the power of beauty.


What is The Stay Beautiful Foundation story?


Stay Beautiful was founded by Ashleigh Cortes, who was inspired after her grandmother passed away of cancer at the young age of 53. Before her grandmother passed, she owned a spa on Michigan Avenue where she lived to make people feel beautiful.


In the Spotlight: The Stay Beautiful Foundation

This initiative is both legacy, and a labor of love.

Stay Beautiful continues to carry on that legacy through the mission of Stay Beautiful by providing self care packages with products that are free of harsh chemicals to promote a healthy recovery and lifestyle beyond treatment.


What is your flagship service?


In the Spotlight: The Stay Beautiful Foundation

The Foundation continues to bring much needed care and comfort to many women who are undergoing a difficult time in their lives (via @Rebel_boob)


Stay Beautiful delivers beauty boxes filled with all natural beauty products to women undergoing cancer treatment.


Through the delivery of these boxes we educate women on safe skin care practices during chemotherapy and radiation treatments.


Could you elaborate on the credo on your website, “Fight cancer with the power of beauty.” and what kind of impact this has on conceptualizing empowerment?


At Stay Beautiful, we believe it is all about how you “glow through what you go through”, we believe feeling beautiful is far more than skin deep, it is cultivated from within and strengthens a women’s self confidence on her journey to fight cancer with the power of beauty.


We would love it if you could share one beautiful photo that speaks about the enormous passion of the team.


Our team is made up of many volunteers who strongly believe in the mission of Stay Beautiful, here is a picture of our volunteer team packing one hundred all natural beauty boxes with lots of love!


In the Spotlight: The Stay Beautiful Foundation

Dedicated volunteers at The Stay Beautiful Foundation’s HQ


What is The Stay Beautiful Foundation’s proudest moment to date? And can you give us a sense as to why it’s such a key milestone?


Stay Beautiful has gained a large following on our social media outlets, which gives us the platform to interact with the women we serve by posting information on skin care products that are safe to use during their treatment and keep them motivated with daily inspirational posts.


In the Spotlight: The Stay Beautiful Foundation

Self-care is necessary.


The Stay Beautiful Foundation is creating a space for women to feel beautiful and strong during a very vulnerable time in their lives. Cultivating this community of women is one of Stay Beautiful’s proudest moments to date.


What inspires you most about your work?


Everyday I have the ability to touch the lives of so many beautiful women who are fighting for their lives against a very ugly disease, to bring beauty into this space is what inspires me to continue our mission of delivering beauty to every woman undergoing cancer treatment.


In the Spotlight: The Stay Beautiful Foundation

It’s all about glowing through what we go through ✨


It’s been a pleasure being part of your journey, even if only through printing your custom tissue paper. How has print supported your efforts?


Stay Beautiful prides itself on being a luxury brand, the custom logo printed tissue paper provided by Inkable helps create that luxurious experience we deliver to our beauties.


What are the three adjectives that best describe The Stay Beautiful Foundation, and why those three?


  • Beautiful, of course!
  • Strong, which defines the beauties that we serve.
  • Sisterhood, defines the communities of beautiful women we serve through our mission.


In the Spotlight: The Stay Beautiful Foundation


Any upcoming events where people can connect with you and support this beautiful initiative?


In the Spotlight: The Stay Beautiful Foundation

You got this beauty ???


We post all of our events on our social media, please follow us on Instagram to keep up with our beautiful initiatives @staybeautifulfoundation #staybeautifulfoundation


Where else can we find you?

Official Website:



Read The Stay Beautiful Foundation’s story:

Make a donation here:


In the Spotlight: The Stay Beautiful Foundation

The Stay Beautiful Foundation is a non for profit on a mission to help women stay motivated, inspired, and beautiful while undergoing their medical treatments.

This is accomplished through cultivating beauty from within by providing natural beauty products and education on the importance of self care during extensive therapies and treatment.

Stay Beautiful strives to fight cancer with the power of beauty by educating women on the effects of consuming products that have been linked to cancer by providing chemical free self care products to women with cancer.


We have been fortunate to have met awesome people through our work, and learning about them and their challenges and triumphs is always humbling and inspiring. As print advocates, we truly enjoy talking with artists and small businesses who inspire us everyday.