In the Spotlight: Nature Restore


We are delighted and excited to have Nature Restore for our Spotlight this month!


Steadfast in their mission of offering something truly transformative through a sure and steady journey toward health and wellness, and coming from the company co-founder’s own pivotal experience with commercial supplements, Nature Restore was established.


Each product in their roster celebrates taste, nutrition, and a commitment to a healthful lifestyle. From fan favorites such as Organic Strawberry Freeze-Dried Powder to Organic Japanese Knotweed, Nature Restore has successfully dished out delicious and life-sustaining products that promise nothing but goodness with every bite.


In the Spotlight: Nature Restore


Apart from goodness customers enjoy, goodness is also shared via the different charities that the company continuously supports.


And for many years to come, fans have come to expect nothing but holistic, carefully-developed, and extremely beneficial products that give credence to the adage, “Eat well to live well.”




In a nutshell, what is Nature Restore all about, and why did you start offering your services?


Our co-founder, Richard, was exposed to healthy eating at an early age thanks to his father. As a child, he had more wheatgrass shots than you could keep track of and sipped on raw juices made for him.


As he departed off to college, Richard experienced the new wonders of college life – lots of food that’s not so good for you. And he let down his guard in terms of health and began to gain the infamous freshman 15.


After several months of supplementing, Richard thought he’d start to feel better and get his weight under control. Sadly, he wasn’t feeling any better and he was feeling worse. Richard decided to take action and he sought out a local naturopath in West Covina, California to determine what was going on with his health.


In the Spotlight: Nature Restore


After some blood tests and evaluations, Richard’s naturopath determined his complications and general health ailments he was experiencing stemmed from the supplements he bought at the local store that he was taking the last several months.


Given Richard’s upbringing of living healthy at an early stage in his childhood, he knew he had to do something different with his life going forward. In particular, he knew he had to find a better solution to the supplements he and his future family would be consuming long-term.


These health scares motivated Richard to take the next step in his journey to creating a health & wellness brand that take safety, purity, and the integrity of its ingredients as the number one priority. This birthed what is known as Nature Restore.




We can imagine how involved the processes could be.

Could you tell us more about why you have been so successful in delivering your own brand of superfoods and supplements to your customers?


We know that consumers are looking for simple and easy ways to sneak in healthier foods into their diet. Most people want to be healthy, but a number of them may find it difficult to down cups of fresh raw greens or piles of vegetables.


In the Spotlight: Nature Restore

Eat to delight and nourish.


The idea behind superfood powders, in particular, is that consumers can get an abundant source of key nutrients, minerals and vitamins in an easy way that doesn’t have to always have noses turning.


That’s a big part of our success: delivering healthy superfoods in a convenient way for all kind of consumers who have different attitudes towards healthy eating.




Congratulations on the stunning rebranding!

What dictated the change and how significant was this move in terms of reflecting your position in the market?


We knew that we had amazing products it of themselves. The powders and our supplements are second to none in terms of quality and efficacy.


In the Spotlight: Nature Restore

Nature Restore’s old and new packaging design!


While we were a rather new brand in the market, we knew we wanted to re-brand to refine our image and truly show who we are as a company.


We want people to be excited about the superfoods they’re purchasing, so when we went through a rebrand we sought to develop packaging that was catchy, colorful, while also staying true to our roots as Nature Restore where we believe that Wellness Begins With Nature.




It’s been a pleasure being part of your journey, if only through printing some of your packaging.

Being in a very specialized industry, what were the main considerations for your bag format, branding, and design?


Our main considerations were durability, color quality upon printing, and the ability to stand out among the many brand options.


In the Spotlight: Nature Restore



We’re happy with how our new bags have turned out and I would set their quality and look against any other competitor and feel good that ours is best.




What is Nature Restore’s proudest moment to date? And can you give us a sense as to why it’s such a key milestone?


Our complete transformation in our packaging — our superfood powders in particular — is probably our biggest accomplishment.

In the Spotlight: Nature Restore


We believe these major improvements are going to help elevate Nature Restore into a nationally known brand.





Could you share with us a delicious, creative recipe or flavor combination using Nature Restore’s flagship products?


A tasty recipe our team has come to enjoy is Spirulina Pasta!


In the Spotlight: Nature Restore


Grab the recipe here:


In the Spotlight: Nature Restore





What are the three adjectives that best describe Nature Restore, and why those three?


Quality – We don’t skip on quality; we want our customers to have the best supplements and superfood powders possible.

Integrity – We keep to our word and do our very best to live up to our brand promise.

Source – we make sure we source the safest ingredients possible and do 3rd party testing to ensure safety from heavy metals that are often present in soil.




Many of our customers are small businesses who’ve had their share of tough challenges.

Can you impart some words of wisdom for people who are just starting out with their own business?


You don’t have to have everything perfect to get things started.


We started with a minimalist look in our initial packaging. We knew we wanted a better look, but we decided to prove our concept first of providing high-quality ingredients to our customers. And they sold.


We showed that we could sell products even without amazing packaging and still be successful. Now with our updated packaging, we can really go to the next level and we’re excited for what the future has in store.




Where else can we find you?

Official Website:







In the Spotlight: Nature Restore


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