How Custom Embossed Labels Increase Product Value Perception

Embossed labels are decorative, ornate custom labels that open unlimited possibilities for your branding concept.



The potential of the humble label is always something that we cannot stress enough to clients.


While it is good to come into the project with the ultimate goal of simply making a bespoke ID for products, special custom touches on branded packaging is a powerful and direct touchpoint that can create a ripple effect that translates into increased loyalty and more sales.


How Custom Embossed Labels Increase Product Value Perception


Custom embossed labels have been tested time and again, and they always emerge victorious as ambassadors of elegance and classic style.


In not one of our conversations with customers, along with feedback from their own customers, has this tactile finishing label touch left anyone unimpressed.




Sometimes referred to as “tooling” or “cameo”, embossing is a heat stamping process that involves pressing a shape or image into the label material using color dies. Applied to part (spot embossing) or all (pattern embossing) of a label material, the results are beautiful raised impressions that feature texture and depth.


Custom labels that are finished with embossing are often described as “decorative” and “premium”.


How Custom Embossed Labels Increase Product Value Perception


Most often employed in the production of prints for special and noteworthy occasions, or valued high-end business stationery, embossing is called upon to bring its many inherent benefits to anything it is applied to.


Not only does this addition enhance the visual aesthetic of the custom label design—it also provides the added tactile stimuli of having varied textures on a single printed surface.


In your worthy mission of truly differentiating yourself from competition, it is best to leverage existing technologies that turn the ordinary into exceptional.


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At a time where aesthetics is as important as the product itself, cost-effective yet elegant packaging materials are prodigious tools to help you shape your brand effectively.


FACT: Premium custom labels increase customer loyalty. Customers will keep purchasing from the retailer based upon their association between quality packaging and quality products.


Custom embossed labels equip your products to stand out and break the visual barrier for a lasting impression, driving sales in the precious last seconds of consideration.


By enhancing what is already there, you are able to keep the integrity of your custom label design while creating significantly better brand experiences with customers by boosting value perception.




Embossing not only makes your branding and branded packaging “beautiful”, this also helps you get more flexible at placing your products at a higher price point, as touches such as embossing increase value perception, especially if it merits your production and brand imaging strategy.


The choice of packaging and price should be congruent in order to support an understanding of the premium product as being ‘worth’ the higher priceUltimately, price influences the perception of quality of a product, but perception of quality (e.g. through packaging) also influence willingness to pay.




When working with embossing, the beauty of this finishing touch is that you don’t even need to put in the extra work and cost of creating or modifying old artwork. You can simply choose to highlight select, existing art elements where depth, texture, and tactile beauty should be applied for maximum impact.


How Custom Embossed Labels Increase Product Value Perception


You can even simply take your old artwork and do what is called, “blind embossing”, in which you create subtle impressions of raised prints without using ink.


This can be tastefully done by creating a repeating, raised pattern on the background, or adding a simple raised border to enhance what is already printed. The options are limited only by your creative vision! Embossing develops decorative, ornate custom labels that open up unlimited possibilities for your branding concept.


Investing in custom embossed labels helps you to truly benefit from using premium packaging as an effective marketing tool to increase product value perception, spreading the word about your brand, boosting interest, and ultimately increasing conversions and repeat sales.




A caveat: We believe that branding isn’t everything: what makes your custom label designs work in the long run is the dedication you put into your products and services, from defining your brand values, to your company culture, to speaking about things that you care about through your brand’s voice.


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