SUPER SAVER: Dramatically Cut Cost With Printed Packing Tape!

Printed Packing Tape Delivers Big Wins For Small Businesses

SUPER SAVER: Dramatically Cut Cost With Printed Packing Tape!




We are proud to introduce you to our newest offering—Inkable Label Co.’s Custom Printed Packaging Tape!


SUPER SAVER: Dramatically Cut Cost With Printed Packing Tape!


Strengthen and hit all your packaging goals with branded print tools that save you $$s while positively enhancing your unique brand experience.


Also called printed packaging tape, carton sealing tape, and custom printed box sealing tape (some smaller, more decorative tape is popularly known as “Washi Tape“), this small but powerful addition is the answer to reducing your shipping costs while keeping consistent and visible branding on your products.



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Significantly less expensive than custom printed boxes, rolls of custom printed packing tape gives you the power to quickly and easily brand your shipments so that they are unique and practicable, an inclusion that provides an added layer of security.


Unlike plain packaging tape, one will be able to easily tell if a package has been tampered with, since no one but your company can be able to reseal the package properly without your own custom printed tape.


SUPER SAVER: Dramatically Cut Cost With Printed Packing Tape!

Do your boxes look like this? Time for a powerful rebrand!


Inkable Label Co.’s custom printed packing tape products are inexpensive, professional, and high quality. These self-adhesive packaging materials that not only secure your parcels—they are also big branding and advertising opportunities that can also dramatically cut the cost of your secondary packaging.





SUPER SAVER: Dramatically Cut Cost With Printed Packing Tape!

Brown Kraft, Yellow, White, and Clear (Transparent) stocks available. You can also customize your tape color!


SUPER SAVER: Dramatically Cut Cost With Printed Packing Tape!

WASHI TAPE: Smaller custom printed tape that is more tailored for stationery use and for embellishing packaging and “Thank You” notes.


Custom printed packing tape wears many hats, overlapping and hitting many different business goals:


 Consistent tool of brand awareness, for building brand equity as an OOH (out-of-home) advertising tool


 Easy ID for type of parcel, package contents, packaging requirements, safety and handling instructions


 Added layer of security and protection against tampering and theft


 Transformative print collaterals that transform your plain and ordinary packages into eye-catching and creative advertising real estate


 Double duties as another dependable communications tool for any of your brand messaging, if and when needed (such as augmenting promotions or specials, announcing events, highlighting your business’ call-to-action, and so on)





SUPER SAVER: Dramatically Cut Cost With Printed Packing Tape!


Create all-purpose and cost-effective custom printed packing tape to hit all your business objectives—marketing, advertising, branding, packaging, security messaging—all rolled into one! 


Where printed boxes are costly to produce and still need plain tape to provide protection for your products, custom printed packing tape is cheap and is a workhorse that fulfills many duties.


SUPER SAVER: Dramatically Cut Cost With Printed Packing Tape!


As a cost-efficient solution that not only brands your product, giving the same image of professionalism and still affording a “premium” packaging look, custom printed packing tape also secures your product, advertises your business amongst a pile of ordinary, plain boxes, and gives an anti-pilferage factor to your packaging.


BONUS: By choosing to customize tape instead of boxes, you can now use your savings on printed boxes to allocate to other promotions programs to help drive sales.





SUPER SAVER: Dramatically Cut Cost With Printed Packing Tape!


Make sure to consult professional Prepress experts before printing your packaging tape to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.


Remember that, like any other printed material, and as with anything that is produced by any machine, there are tolerances and limitations, and this applies to any printer.



A 5-10% color tolerance is within normal limits, as is a possible 1.00mm variation in alignment per color as plates may shift during production. Inks aren’t totally opaque, which is why it isn’t recommended to print over dark colored tape since the printed ink color will be affected by its background (Black is the most problematic).



Given all these inherent limitations, it is all the more important that you choose to print the exact PMS (Pantone Matching System) color that perfectly matches your primary packaging to ensure that your branding is consistent all throughout. Especially if you are an emerging brand, it is all the more important to be consistent, so that your customer enjoys a remarkable unboxing experience that will, in turn, create a memorable touchpoint to help people remember your brand.