Custom Tissue Paper Is Your New Moneymaking Machine


When opportunity knocks for your business, you should answer.


If there is anything that can uplift both your business’ brand image and sales, would you try it? It really is a no-brainer, isn’t it?


Welcome to the era of custom tissue paper, designed and printed simply and easily, to serve as your new lucrative marketing tool.


Custom Tissue Paper Is Your New Moneymaking Machine


This post will circle back to the unboxing phenomenon, as well as branding studies, word-of-mouth marketing, ecommerce survey results, and other worthy info that engage print collaterals, specifically custom printed tissue paper.


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Custom Tissue Paper Is Your New Moneymaking Machine

Meet Your New Moneymaker




Top 3 Reasons Why
Custom Tissue Paper
Is Your New
Money Making Machine


1) Custom tissue paper can be largely instrumental in your Content Strategy and Marketing Strategy


While there are a number of moving parts to this, simply adding an inexpensive tool that packs a mean punch will certainly do wonders for both your business’ strategy and tactics.


Your custom tissue paper is the perfect candidate that can succeed in concluding powerful and direct touchpoints (you can’t have too many of those!) that will also train your customers to think of you and interact with your business in a positive way.


Custom Tissue Paper Is Your New Moneymaking Machine

Custom gold tissue paper instantly adds a luxe feel and uplifts your brand image


At a critical time where most cost should be real investments, this humble printed business collateral is a profitable tool to simultaneously market your products or services effectively while serving as an implement for content generation, too.


Our post about driving customer loyalty specifically with custom printed tissue paper talks about how you can cleverly make big ripples to your marketing strategy via capitalizing on the unboxing phenomenon.


Let’s take a look at .Me discussing the relevance of taking the smart move of shifting ad spend to marketing materials that pull on word-of-mouth marketing, which is the most effective marketing strategy, and talks about using this for clever content generation:



Unboxing fuels anticipation of your product and gives information about your product – not only to your customers but you as well. The authors of these videos can point out to things that you didn’t notice or didn’t pay much attention to. They can help to improve your product.





From a marketing strategy standpoint, adding the unboxing concept into your holiday campaign could spell the difference between capturing your customers’ attention and interest and getting drowned out in the holiday noise.


Custom Tissue Paper Is Your New Moneymaking Machine

Will shoppers find you?



Even giants like Toys “R” Us and Disney have been getting in on the action by hosting a series of in-store unboxing events and airing the footage online. Start planning your own strategy early for the holidays until early next year.


Think of the feelings that you want your customer to experience when interacting with your brand. What is your unique proposition? Is a handwritten note going against the grain of your high tech brand image? How can you add character to your packaging?


Adding tissue paper and professional foil seals are not just visual additions, they are also tactile and auditory inclusions (feel of foil, crackling sound of tissue paper) that shape the unboxing experience.



2) Custom tissue paper enhances your current branding


This is plain for all to see. If working in synergy with the item above, your branded tissue paper becomes a workhorse that somehow replicates the special brand experience that is most often only associated with in-store purchases.


If you’re selling only via ecommerce, this one’s applicable particularly to you.


Custom Tissue Paper Is Your New Moneymaking Machine

Bring the branded experience into your customers’ homes


Kerry Pietrobon, who runs online fashion boutique Harlow, says that making sure to include a special touch will “bring a boutique feel to the online experience”. If your packaging itself is “really beautiful”, even before revealing the product, customers will associate this with your brand values and how you run your business. Harlow gets its inspiration from the meticulous attention to detail shown by overseas giant such as Net-a-Porter.


The advantage of brick-and-mortar retailers is that they can make a designer shopping experience easily: via in-store music selections, trial-and-error with lighting and smells, even mixing it up with new merch displays and reconfiguring shop layouts.


When you sell your products online, there are many limitations and challenges for you to hurdle before you can execute a remarkable, multi-sensory experience.


Custom Tissue Paper Is Your New Moneymaking Machine

Physical shops set the atmosphere with beautiful product displays


This is where custom tissue paper and exterior packaging comes in: colors, textures, most importantly intuitive design to augment and elevate the retail experience. Unboxing, again, is your secret weapon.


Custom Tissue Paper Is Your New Moneymaking Machine

Your audience is waiting!


Google research shows that one in five people have watched an unboxing experience online, and a YouTube search of keyword ‘unboxing’ turns up approximately 106 million results. In a new survey, 66 per cent of buyers of products used unboxing videos for research to get a feel for the product before they actually ordered it online.



Custom tissue paper, when branded well, will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors, increasing the perceived value of your offerings.


Custom Tissue Paper Is Your New Moneymaking Machine

Differentiate: If your competitor is an apple, don’t be another apple -_-


And if you’re selling bath and beauty products—take this into consideration: Beauty gurus view packaging as an extension of the product, seeing this as adjunct to the actual product’s quality when advising their viewers on whether or not to purchase.


Grab this opportunity now and make use of the ample time to plan your marketing strategy with unboxing as one of its novel facets. Revisit your current branding and branded repertoire, take surveys from existing customers, and tweak where you need, to deliver a remarkable branded experience worthy of unboxing.



3) Custom tissue paper is an easy and cheap tool to implement lucrative campaigns


As mentioned earlier, word-of-mouth advertising is the future of advertising. Actually, we think it is NOW.


Using custom printed tissue paper follows the trend of social proof, which really is where your advertising should hinge on. Campaigns only boasting of the product or service’s benefits, especially during the holiday season, is not going to resonate with anyone.


Custom Tissue Paper Is Your New Moneymaking Machine

Word-of-Mouth is your strongest ally


The real value is in getting that third party validation for your product in what feels like a sincere word-of-mouth endorsement.


That doesn’t happen with garden variety branding. Simple, plain packaging isn’t going to cut it right now. Your customers feel they deserve something more exciting, more special.


Out of all our own customers, we’ve not encountered one who said that their own customers don’t like the experience of opening gifts—create packaging that makes your clients feel like they are opening a gift from you. They’ll remember that.




Look at your own packaging, ask around, delve into forums—is it “Instagrammable”? If yes, you’ve got something going on that you can take advantage of.


By using printed tissue paper, you arm yourself with an effective way of boosting user-generated content (UGC).


Custom Tissue Paper Is Your New Moneymaking Machine

Does your brand experience create a worthy buzz?


Inspire your fans and followers to post on social media. Make a campaign and clearly state your call to action for people to share images of delivered packages.


Run a campaign for shared posts in exchange for sweet discounts that will also drive customer repeat purchases and loyalty. The benefits and possibilities are abound!




New technologies have indeed given us many options, both expensive and budget-friendly, to help bolster small businesses for increased recognition and repeat sales.


Consider implementing tools that are multipurpose, fit ongoing trends, and are relevant to your particular set up. Custom tissue paper is a worthy investment that will help you achieve goals on all ends, encouraging brand equity and sales growth.


Custom Tissue Paper Is Your New Moneymaking Machine

On to you!



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