In the Spotlight: OCEAN STATE PEPPER CO.

From Rhode Island comes a spicy brand that is full of character and promise.


The brainchild of Dave Conner, an executive chef by trade, and Katie Evans, a classically trained pilates instructor and wellness coach, Ocean State Pepper Co. is a relatively new company, having been founded in late 2017.


Despite its youth, the company’s offerings have delivered well-developed, seasoned (pun intended!) offerings that successfully capture wonderfully authentic flavors from various local and world cuisines.


In the Spotlight: OCEAN STATE PEPPER CO.


Highly inventive and truly scrumptious, Ocean State Pepper Co. brings unique and creative flavors to all of their supporters and new customers, from their handcrafted gourmet spice rubs, pre-portioned Pour and Go seasonings, to their trademark Heat Lab products guaranteed to give customers a remarkably “peppery” good time!


In the Spotlight: OCEAN STATE PEPPER CO.


Join us in delighting in an exceptionally spicy kick that is meant to be shared and celebrated. Let’s pay tribute to October with a hot feature that calls us to experience the art of flavor…


We are thrilled and honored to have Ocean State Pepper Co. for our Spotlight this month!




For those who aren’t familiar with your repertoire, could you give us an overview of your offerings?


In the Spotlight: OCEAN STATE PEPPER CO.


In the Spotlight: OCEAN STATE PEPPER CO.


In the Spotlight: OCEAN STATE PEPPER CO.


A full lineup of flavors geared to make cooking fun, easy, approachable, and delicious.



What makes Ocean State Pepper Co. distinct from other brands?


The peppers featured in all the seasonings are grown organically on our farm, lending a truly fresh flavor profile.


In the Spotlight: OCEAN STATE PEPPER CO.



Besides what we grow, nothing goes in the bottle that we don’t believe in, which means no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, anti-caking agents, or fillers. Just clean food.




Could you give us some insight into the work that goes into each spicy product?


As a classically trained chef, every season goes through rigorous testing to ensure maximum flavor.


In the Spotlight: OCEAN STATE PEPPER CO.


In the Spotlight: OCEAN STATE PEPPER CO.


Each blend is designed for a certain type of food (chicken, beef, pork, veggies, etc.) however, they are all very versatile and can be applied whenever you feel like being creative.




We noticed that your blog that not only delivers updates but also shares tons of great recipes!

Every recipe must be a favorite in some way, but what is a particularly special recipe you’ve created recently?


Our recipes are honestly different approaches to seasonal cooking, also, most have been developed during testing and prove to showcase the seasonings very well.


In the Spotlight: OCEAN STATE PEPPER CO.


Our Mediterranean meatball recipe however was featured with us on TV recently, so that is a special on for us!




What’s your biggest inspiration, especially as a company that strives to provide a rewarding and satisfying product?


Our inspiration is every positive comment from customers who have fallen in love with our story, and what we are trying to do in respect to gaining a tiny piece of that market share.


We aren’t trying to take over everywhere, we just want to be a great alternative to people seeking new creative flavors.




What is Ocean State Pepper Co.’s proudest moment to date? And can you give us a sense as to why it’s such a key milestone?


Our proudest moment so far is hard to pinpoint. We still get excited with each order we receive, fulfill, and ship out. We add a personal note to every customer to thank them for being part of this journey we are on.




It’s been a pleasure being part of your journey through printing your custom packaging.

What were the main considerations for your branding and design?


In the Spotlight: OCEAN STATE PEPPER CO.

The packaging is synonymous with what’s inside the bottle.

No frills. Clean design, creative flavors, and a grassroots approach to marketing.




What are the three adjectives that best describe Ocean State Pepper Co., and why those three?


Clean, Creative, Flavorful.

In the Spotlight: OCEAN STATE PEPPER CO.

Clean, because its strictly pure food in our bottles, Creative…It is what drew us to start this company, seeing the same basic flavors being used over and over again. People deserve better. And Flavorful, because…well that’s what it is.


I tell people, we love our products because chicken tastes like, well..chicken. Sometimes you need a little boost.




Can you impart pearls of wisdom for people who are starting out with their own businesses?


In the Spotlight: OCEAN STATE PEPPER CO.


Don’t be afraid to fail, and don’t be in a rush to be successful, because neither will happen overnight.




Where else can we find you?


Official Website:




In the Spotlight: OCEAN STATE PEPPER CO.

Ocean State Pepper Co. is spices for the people.



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