In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites


Known for its delectable, wholesome treats, our esteemed guest, Pleasant Petites, is a bustling kitchen dishing out offerings that satisfy and delight. Their products are novel sweet desserts that hold the integrity of healthful ingredients at the forefront of each recipe. Such a business deserves accolades and praise especially at a time where preservatives and harmful additives abound in many of the snacks and desserts available in the market today.



In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites


You can experience glorious, sweet synesthesia just by simply looking at the shop’s beautiful creations—a symphony of flavors one certainly cannot wait to sample—featuring rich cashew cacao, crisp granola, energizing lemon, and comforting mint.


We are delighted and extremely thrilled to have Pleasant Petites for our Spotlight this month!



What is Pleasant Petites all about, and why did you start offering your services?


Pleasant Petites was built upon the idea that delicious tasting sweets could be filled with wholesome ingredients, no refined sugar, and loaded with nutrition. Comprised of real recognizable ingredients, we wanted to offer customers an alternative way of snacking.


In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites


When we began making our creations on a small scale for friends and family, we were greatly encouraged to start a business and see what could happen; 3 years later we are offering a wider variety of treats to a wider audience than ever before.



The shop is such a significant celebration of the right balance between healthful and indulgence…

Did you open Pleasant Petites completely certain about how to execute and operate the business?


We opened Pleasant Petites with 1 certainty, and that was the product we will be putting out will be a huge success. We have always believed that with the right product, and the right attitude and drive, anything can be accomplished.


In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites


Having no business experience before Petites, we have definitely leaned on many people for advice and assistance. With some new members of the Petites team now in place, we feel very confident about executing and operating the business.



What are your customer favorites right now?


In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites


We just released our Cacao Krunch line, 4 different flavors of our original creation. With new packaging and the product being shelf stable, it has really enhanced the look and taste of the Krunchs’.


In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites

White Cacao Cashew Peanut Krunch


In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites

Mint Cacao Cashew Krunch


In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites

Cacao Peanut Krunch


In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites

Black & White Cacao Cashew Krunch



The Petites Krunch bar was created with the vision of combining a Nestle Crunch Bar with a Kit Kat, and making it a plant powered replica. Also keep an eye out for our 2 flavors of Groovy Granola Bars, Strawberry and Blueberry, that will be released shortly.



 Can you share with us the dessert-making process and how it makes each product special?


In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites


Each Petite is hand crafted using mostly the same process as when we started. We’ve found ways to be more efficient, but the process always start with making the bottom layer.



In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites

Chef/Owner Bobby’s homemade special chocolate recipe!


After combining the nuts and other ingredients in the food processor, we hand press the nutty mixture into a tray, then top it off with our homemade chocolate or white chocolate. We take such pride in making our own chocolate, and really feel the love and extra attention can be felt and tasted.



How is Pleasant Petites different from other candy or candy store brands?


Pleasant Petites is different than other brands because we match great taste with great ingredients. So many health bars, protein bars, nutritious candy bars, have a processed or chalky taste to them.


In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites


This was something that we found very commonly of products when starting Petites, and it really helped us realize that great ingredients are not enough for what we’re trying to do; we need it to taste amazing, that the person who couldn’t care less about their health would choose a Petite because it tastes so good.



What inspires you the most about your work right now?


What inspires me most about my work right now is that it’s a big part of the movement. The movement towards veganism, caring about what we put into our bodies, being conscious of the Earth and all Living beings, and supporting small local businesses.


In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites


Pleasant Petites has allowed me to put my beliefs and what I stand for into a bar, into a business that will continue to grow and evolve and be a major part of the movement.



It’s been a pleasure being part of your journey through printing your custom packaging.

Were you always keen on your current branding or was this something that evolved in stride with product development?


The branding has definitely evolved greatly over the years. For a long time we were focused on making the product consistently, growing our customer base through Farmer’s markets and other events, and establishing ourselves in this market.


In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites

Sleek, professional keep-fresh wrappers Of White Cacao Cashew Peanut Krunch


In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites

Box and wrappers packaging in retail locations


Once we passed our 2 year anniversary, we felt we had our feet firmly in the ground and were ready for the next step. Luckily, 2 new members of our team were able to give us direction and lay out a plan on how to rebrand our product. Now we finally have a package that meets the taste and quality of each Petite.




What are the three adjectives that best describe Pleasant Petites, and why those three?



It may sound cliché but this truly is the most important. We love what we do, we love making Petites, and we love sharing Petites with the world. We put our love into absolutely each and every bar, and believe it is felt.



There have been so many times where things haven’t seemed like they will go our way, where it has felt like everything was stacked against us. But believing in ourselves, and more so believing in what Pleasant Petites stands for and what it has the potential to do, has given us the necessary fire and energy to keep going.



This is so important to us because we always want to be crystal clear with our customers, in terms of the ingredients we use, our mission, and ability to reach us. We take such great pride in being a local Long Island business, and want to be accessible for questions, concerns, or just a hello =).



Can you impart words of wisdom for people who are just starting out or would like to start on their own endeavors?


Show up everyday! The first step for me was making sure I had a product and business that I was truly in love with, so passionate about.


Because that love and passion will be tested magnificently, and if you truly are in love with and believe in it, you will have the fortitude to continue.


I would say the 2nd most important thing , and it might sound odd, is having a good amount of dispassion. It’s so easy to be excited when the new store places an order, or the new packaging comes in, or the business is new, or anything fun and exciting happens.


In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites


But what about when you’ve already worked 7 days in a row, you’re tired, want to hang with friends or family, but deliveries need to be made. Or organizing needs to happen. Or more product has to be made. You will not always feel so delighted with what you’re doing.


I’ve literally felt many times “What the f*&^ am I doing?!” But the love, belief, and ability to continue onward even when I’ve felt I couldn’t, that’s the magic.



 Where else can we find you?

Official Website:






In the Spotlight: Pleasant Petites

At Pleasant Petites, we believe that ingredients are the most important aspect of eating. As the cliché goes, “you are what you eat”. 100% of the whole-food ingredients used in each of our creations are guaranteed to be entirely organic, plant base, gluten free, and free of preservatives.


By carefully combining different types of nuts, grains, seeds, legumes, fruits, and vegetables; we offer a growing selection of bite-sized desserts that aren’t simply delicious, but also nutritious.


And because of the many health benefits of our ‘Petites’, these delicious morsels don’t have to be savored as a dessert alone. They are only comprised of ‘real’, healthy ingredients, and should be enjoyed anytime of day.



We have been fortunate to have met awesome people through our work, and learning about them and their challenges and triumphs is always humbling and inspiring. As print advocates, we truly enjoy talking with artists and small businesses who inspire us everyday.