Custom Pet Care Product Bags and Pet Care Product Pouches

  • Printed on the latest digital and flexographic presses
  • Order multiple designs at no extra charge
  • True gradients and stunning colors
  • Free layout, free soft proofing, and free shipping
  • Free 3D mock up with purchase


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Security is important to us. We ensure quality. We ensure customer convenience. We ensure Customer Satisfaction is on top of everything.


  • BEST PRICING: On gusseted custom pet care product bags, stand up custom pet care product pouches, and layflat custom pet care product packaging available in standard sizes. If you need something else, contact us for a custom quote.
  • LOW MINIMUM ORDER, WITH NO SETUP COSTS: Print multiple designs at no extra charge! Minimum of 500 pieces per design.
  • PRIME QUALITY: Vibrant color reproduction, smooth gradients, perfect registration
  • SPECIAL FX AVAILABLE: Additional foil stamping and embossing available. Please contact us for a custom quote.
  • TRY BEFORE YOU COMMIT: FREE 3D bag design mock up with every order! Hard proofs available upon request.
  • SHIPS FREE, NO MINIMUM AMOUNT NEEDED: Get your custom pet care product bags and custom pet care product pouches in 15-17 days (includes Production, QC, shipping).



When you print your custom pet care product bags and custom pet care product pouches with us, you enjoy a truly comprehensive service that saves you hundreds of dollars… And we haven’t even gotten into print cost yet!


Whenever you place a standard order with us, you don’t need to worry about the added shipping cost—NO RUNNING AFTER A MINIMUM AMOUNT TO BE SPENT, NO SURPRISE FEES, ALWAYS SHIPS FREE TO YOUR DOORSTEP.


Enjoy painless custom food bag preproduction with your complimentary print consultation and advice, manual artwork inspection and free revisions of file errors, plus your own free 3D bag design mockup. WE’LL EVEN *DESIGN YOUR BAG FOR FREE, TO GIVE YOU THE PUSH TO GET STARTED.
*does not include the creation of branding elements such as logos, taglines, official color scheme


We respect and welcome your need to discuss before deciding on the appropriate pet care product bag product that will help you produce the results that you are after. LET’S TALK—NO OBLIGATION, NO PRESSURE.


Value-for- money custom pet care product bags mean you get more results without cutting corners. *If you need minimal to no printing on your custom pet care product bags and need us to apply your labels for you, let us know and we’ll get it done professionally for you. YOU GET PROFESSIONAL PET CARE PRODUCT PACKAGING, WITHOUT THE EXPENSE OF YOUR TIME AND EFFORT, OR COSTLY EXTRA SERVICE FEES.
*Cost would be as if you were only buying the bags, if not just a bit more. Very cost-effective option if you need custom pet care labels on bags. To learn more, please CONTACT US.
THE INKABLE LABEL CO. ADVANTAGE: We don’t charge extra for anything that we feel is essential in creating your custom pet care bags and food pouches, and we rebate any cost that is flexible coming from our production setup strengths. We’ve studied our pricing and service offerings so that we can apply competitive prices to maximize your budget for a greater ROI.


Discover fresh solutions for your specific product—whether it is cat kibble, fish food, birdseed, dog treats, kitty litter, horse chews, multivitamins, or special supplements—you can rest assured that your product will ship out as fresh as the day they were packaged and sealed. Preserve your product’s natural freshness and flavor while enjoying a hearty boost in brand appeal with custom pet care product bags and custom pet care product pouches. These will hold up to the challenges of moisture, constant handling, and varying temperatures in-store.

Choose from a variety of our standard bag and pouch materials and finishes for your unique requirements.

Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION if you need help deciding on what material will best suit your custom pet care product bag and pet care product pouch project, always on a no obligation basis.


  • Matte Foil
    Soft colors, satin finishing, with an elegant visual premium: Create a matte metallic look without white ink underprinting or solid color background with white ink underprinting. Spot foil effects can be created with spot white ink underprinting.

  • GLOSS Foil
    Vibrant colors, slick finishing, with a commercial look that boasts of high contrast and sharp detail: Create a gloss metallic look without white ink underprinting or solid color background with white ink underprinting. Spot foil effects can be created with spot white ink underprinting.

  • White Kraft
    Simple, professional, sturdy: Use this uncomplicated and natural canvas best for multicolored designs perfect for any custom pet care product bag concept.

  • Brown Kraft
    An organic and eco-friendly look: Instantly promote a warm and natural personality with traditional brown kraft, perfect for the organic pet care product market.


TIP: As the bag is not white, colors will print darker due to the paper base color. Your artwork previously printed on white pet care product bags will translate differently on brown kraft, and there is less contrast unless you adjust your color values. If it is your first press run, we suggest that you test colors first by doing a HARD PROOF to see if the colors turn out accurately with the new brown stock.




Our (aluminum) foil gusseted pet care product bags provide the best care and protection against product staleness and loss of aroma, sealing in freshness while keeping out moisture, oxygen, and UV rays that lead to degradation of your product.



Our stand up pet care product pouches are versatile and are highly recommended for shelf display. Further customize by adding your custom pet care product label, if any, tin tie, and hang hole. Make these economical and professional pet care product pouches 100% custom by specifying pouch material and laminate, for a wholesome appeal.



Tin ties: Both consistent pet care product quality and a consistent brand image will secure you more customers. Create your standard size pet care product packaging with tin ties that allow you to roll down and secure your custom pet care product pouches for a uniform size and shape. We guarantee that the location is standardized on each pouch.

This extremely useful and convenient added feature will allow your customers to reseal bags after they have been opened, keeping your pet care products fresher for longer.

Hole Punching: Round or butterfly hang hole punching is an extra feature to help you save space in retail settings. This addition allows you to expand your stock inventory in limited shelf spaces, expanding your shelf presence in-store.

Make room for more products with “hang-sell” hang holes! This option is great for other sales programs, such as end-cap and point-of- sale, for smaller sample packs, new pet care product promotions, and seasonal specials for their favorite furry friend.


Our Bag Special FX creates true showstoppers: 100% custom pet care product bags and custom pet care product pouches that realize your own unique creative concepts. Our print expertise is matched by our press capabilities, and this makes us flexible and ready for any type of custom pet care product bag or custom pet care product pouch project.

  • Matte Spot Foil Effect
  • Gloss Spot Foil Effect
  • Full Color + White Ink Underprinting


Your custom pet care product bags and custom pet care product pouches can make or break the sale. Secure convenient, durable, and cost-effective custom bags and pouches with multiple stock options for your specific application for a hearty sales boost. Printed on an HP Indigo digital press, your bags will have the visual premium of true gradients, inks that don’t run, and vibrant colors.

THINK NOT ONLY OF YOUR CUSTOMERS BUT ALSO OF THEIR FURRY PETS!: Getting the perfect style of packaging and presentation is supposed to be a team effort. Go to the supermarket and pet supplies shop to check out competition and take notes from your product development team, customer service team, to your graphic designer, to dig up relevant insights. Take it from there and include certain features and product information that will help your customers appreciate your food products better. Getting creative with your bag artwork layout while keeping in mind how your products are incorporated into your customers’ and their pets’ daily and weekly food rituals will give you a broader perspective and, in the end, an unforgettable branding concept that will get your business into the hearts and minds of consumers.

PETS ARE PRECIOUS, AND SO ARE YOUR PRODUCTS.: On the one end, the lucky pet deserves and should get the intended quality of your product. On the other, it is crucial to differentiate yourself from competition by educating your prospective customers with relevant information about what their precious pets are about to put into their mouths. Extend your pet care product’s brand experience by adding simple cues that encourage customers to learn more about your business, advocacy, and unique offerings. Our variable data printing service means we can print a series of custom pet care product bags where every bag is different. The addition a QR code is a nice example for quick feedback about your customers’ pets’ favorite flavor, or linking to your brand story. By adding this, customers are able to interact with your pet care product brand conveniently at any time and any place.

WHEN SUITABLE, SHOWCASE: Solid opaque bags work well for many pet care products, but remember that you can always choose to print a bag or pouch with a see through window. Especially for pet treats where aesthetics—color, shape of the pet treat, size of each piece—come into play, this option gives you room to showcase your pet care product’s uniqueness. This works extremely well for this kind of market since clear packaging is always favored to highlight the freshness of natural pet care products.


Please save your custom pet care product bag and pet care product pouch artwork as layered .PDF files so that our Prepress Team can properly check and report any issues to you. We can certainly work with .TIFF, .EPS, .PSD, and .AI files as well, but kindly make sure that you go through our FILE PREPARATION CHECKLIST below:

  • Proofread everything for typos and grammatical errors. To keep the integrity of your files, we do not check text.
  • Set all your images, objects, and the file’s color mode to CMYK for digital printing.
  • Add a 3mm bleed to all sides.
  • All raster images recommended 350dpi
  • Minimum line thickness .57pt or 0.2mm
  • Please double check artwork dimensions before sending to save on proofing time.
  • Do not include printer’s crop marks or registration marks in your PDF export.
  • Outline all fonts.
  • If you use a bleed, make sure your file has the correct bleed settings.